Monday, September 21, 2009

Curse Me For Trying To Love You

I was fortunate enough this past weekend to get invited to the BYU/FSU football game, as well as take part in the wonder that is the Cougar Club. However, this is why I can't commit myself fully to BYU Football:

What's really sad is that this debacle has reduced me to female/little kid fan status where instead of the game itself being the main source of enjoyment, I'm reduced to focusing on everything in the periphery - all of the wonderful, FREE stuff I got to partake of. So rather than focus on the game (which was MISERABLE) let's focus on all the free (which was GREAT!).

Prior to the game, there is a tent setup outside the stadium for all of the boosters of BYU football, as well as their guests (me). Upon entering the tent, all visitors receive a hat and program. The hat itself was none too bad, but really only fits little kids or people with tiny heads. Pay no mind to that, however, because what's really awesome is the unlimited supply of free and tasty food before the game. Here is what was available:
  • Short ribs
  • A surprisingly succulent turkey
  • Hamburgers
  • Drinks - soda, water, lemonade, beer, wine...right...the exclusion of those two items alone is probably what allows them to absorb the costs of supplying all this stuff
  • Some kind of chicken something-er-other with rice and potatoes, but I was full by the time I got to that side of the tent
  • Dessert bar with brownies, lemon or raspberry bars, chocolate, caramel, or white chocolate fountain with all of the fresh fruit and other fixings you can think of
And while you're gorging on everything in sight, there are TVs set up all over the tent showing other college football games. Does life get any better? I submit to you that it does not.

In this picture you can see the Y where we sat and the tent on the left.

Then we proceeded to our seats. We were on the BYU side (east side of the stadium) sitting right on the Y that's painted into the seats. If there were a laser beam cutting the field and stadium in half, I would have been split right down the middle. We were just above the middle portal, so about 20 rows up, which would have been awesome except, A) BYU stunk, and B) it was a warm day so the sun was baking us until the second half. However, to my continued delight, underneath our seats was a bag of treats that included 2 bottles of water, a bag of sunflower seeds, and a coupon for a free drink from the concession stand.

During half time we got, yup, more free treats. We filed back to the tent to have an assortment of ice cream treats, along with hot dogs and popcorn, and the dessert bar was still in full force. And more soda, then back to the game.

Under most circumstances I would have been pretty annoyed with the game, except for the fact that they started passing out cookies and cream ice cream. I'm not sure if they hand out more stuff than usual during blow-outs to keep the sugar and calorie high going, but if that is the case, then it totally worked on me. I think this goes a long way towards proving the idea that drowning your sorrows in food can cure any sadness.

Oh yeah...and there was a football game going too.

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MIKEREID said...

whatever you do, don't trust the bottle that says, "Dog Sauce." It's made from little pieces of dog. Tastes awful.