Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love Me Some Karaoke

Last weekend I went with some friends to a little house party and someone had a karaoke machine present. Only one of us knew the host, so the rest of us were a little bit at a loss for getting time on the mic, except that the people there were all really inclusive when it came to letting us sing. Luckily, me and a friend kind of really love karaoke, so we jumped right on it. And then again...and again...and again. We kept offering up the microphone to other people, but everyone was too shy to really give it ago so they started suggesting songs for us to sing and they would do backups. I may have loved it, so much so that I was hoarse by the end of the night, stayed up way too late, and had to push off my long Saturday run for another day because I wasn't going to be able to get any rest.

Well, last night a friend of mine had a house warming party and a friend of hers brought Rock Band 2, and the new Beatles Rock Band as well. I quite possibly played for five hours straight. You couldn't kick me off the vocals or the drums.

When did this happen? When did I develop such an intense love for singing popular songs at get-togethers? When did I become the obnoxious person who never tired of singing for his friends? I'm NEVER one to like being the center of attention in these kinds of settings, but the music just calls to me, I guess. It's a little bit ridiculous. Surprisingly, I'm not terrible at it either, but then again, I have participated in a ward choir or two in my time so I guess it's to be expected.

Anyhow, now I've been left seriously contemplating buying a game system and one of the versions of Rock Band. I'm such a sucker for that stuff. And you know what song is right in my wheelhouse? This's available for download on Rock Band. I could sing this one a thousand times and not get tired of it.

Am I slightly ashamed of the fact that I have a secret love for Papa Roach? Yes, but it's at about the same level of embarrassment that I have for loving karaoke-type games.


Moomby said...

hee hee! too cute! you should offer your services to go around and get people's parties started by karaoke.

Laura said...

that is so funny. i think a 5 hour rock band sesh is overstaying your welcome a tad...i LOVE karaoke. but i am no good. but i don't care, i do it anyway. i rented a karaoke machine once for a birthday party i had for matt. best party ever.