Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Talk About Pleats

Maybe it's because my parents are tailors that I have such strong feelings about this, but I think something needs to be said. I'm not a fashion expert by any means, but I think I have at least a decent sense of style, and this one thing always bothers me:

Traditional pants have pleats, and they do so because they used to be worn around the waistline, not the hips like they usually are these days. Pleats work if you're overweight or if you wear your pants high, otherwise do away with them.

I don't know why more guys don't understand this. You would never, ever, ever, never dream of wearing pleated jeans, right? Or pleated shorts? It looks outdated, right? Of course they do. They look terrible.

You see this a lot in church especially, because for whatever reason you actually have to go out of your way and search for flat-front pants, and it's even more difficult when you're looking for suits. Maybe guys are just lazy and the pleated dress pants are so accessible that it's just easier to buy them and move on, but guys, it's worth it. If you're not overweight, but still insist on wearing pleated pants, then they make it so it does seem like you're packing on a few extra pounds.

I've bought a couple suits the last few years and I really did have to search extensively at a department store to find a suit with a flat-front look. My solution recently has been to go with Banana Republic suits because they only have flat-front pants, and the shirts and suit coats are more flattering on the torso because the cut of the shirts is slimmer (Banana Republic outlet stores, not the normal retail ones - they have 3-button and 2-button looks, with all the classic colors for just a couple hundred dollars).

Anyway, do yourselves (or your boyfriends or husbands) a favor and just get rid of all your pants with pleated fronts, unless you wear your pants high or you're overweight.

But if you're overweight, let's get you on a diet, okay? We can work on the clothes later.

Admittedly, I may sound a little queer publishing this on the world wide interwebs, but at least I'm looking good.


Shelli said...

This applies to women as well. There really are few things worse than pleats.

Darts = OK
Pleats = No. Nooooo.

Caitlin said...

Well, you may sound fruity, but then again, it needs to be said. You know, it's a queer job, but somebody's got to do it.

Amen, brotha.

Dave said...

Dear Helpy Helperton,

I am an overweight man who likes to wear flat-front pants above the waist. I find that when I do wear the flat-front slacks, I tend to get what we horizontally-gifted call a "front-butt." I love to keep up with the new styles, but I find myself wanting to return to the pleated fronts to avoid the front-butt.

Please advise.

FYI--I carry my cell phone in a holster on my belt just in case I need to be quick on the draw with any urgent phone calls. But don't worry... I know what you are thinking... and NO, I wouldn't be caught dead with my cell phone holster on my acid-wash, Jordache jeans. When I go casual, I keep my phone securely tucked away in my fanny pack.

Can you help?

Yours Truly,

Karen said...

Bless you.

Silvs said...

Dear Chunkylover88,

You are the perfect candidate for pleated pants. They are designed for the likes of you.

Consider yourself advised!

Amy said...

I love this