Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Kids Taught To Praise Obama

What the hell is this?

This has been a consistent theme ever since he's come into the public consciousness, but over and over again, Obama is praised and elevated passed the stature of his office into his own echelon. This should be alarming to anyone fearful of anointing a leader who is seemingly beyond reproach, e.g. Castro, Chavez, Kim Jong Il, etc.

Yesterday he gave a speech to the UN General Assembly, and many conservative commentators are up in arms about how self-aggrandizing it is, at the expense of all US achievements in the past. I won't bother posting quotes and links this time around, but you can visit the links at the left if you're interested in finding out for yourself.

Remember the speech that he gave to the nation's school children? Did you hear about why people were up in arms about that? Is it really so bad that the American President wants to talk to school kids about education? On its face, no, but it's just another instance of him inserting himself into areas that don't really pertain to him. Who should be talking to kids about education? Parents and teachers. Rather than let government operate in its rightful place, he constantly attempts to inject himself into every public arena available to him. This Sunday alone he will make appearances of five different talk shows. He was even on David Letterman earlier this week. How many times has he appeared on these talk shows?

Fellow blogger at Welcome To My Soapbox commented recently on the abundance of speeches that he has given. She made the point that making speeches and campaigning is the only thing he really knows how to do, so he's making the most of every opportunity. He has no prior executive experience, and even his experience in the state legislature is very limited, but he does know how to win a national election, and he does know how to delivery oratory.

The bigger problem with all of his speech giving and pleading to the masses is that he is developing for himself a persona that is larger than life, that is beyond criticism and doubt, in order to pursue an agenda that is above analysis and inquiry. This fact is even evidenced by the recent call from the National Endowment for the Arts to promote art that promote his legislation. Don't think so? Remember this image?

You can visit this website for more on the NEA story. Here is the original post.

Just be aware of what it is that you are buying into.

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