Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your Pioneer League Champions, The Owlz!

No, not a typo, they really spell it with a 'z'. Not sure why it took me so long to take part in my first minor league baseball game, but I finally went two Saturdays ago. The game was entertaining. I thought at first that maybe I wouldn't find the game as entertaining, but as it turns out, I just really love the atmosphere of baseball games and watching live sports. It also helps that my roommate is the assistant general manager and got me free tickets.

They won the first game that I went to, and the following week I went to a playoff game. What was really surprising was that Tommy Lasorda was at the first game, and then Luis Gonzalez was at the second game as a scout for the Angels. I think maybe only one person would recognize the name Luis Gonzalez, but Gonzo was the guy who hit the World Series clinching hit in Game 7 for the Arizona Diamondbacks off of Mariano Rivera against the Yankees in 2001. Pretty awesome, huh?

What was even better was that while we were walking up to the ticket booth for the playoff game, we started hearing all of this commotion from people in front of us, "foul ball!" And I looked up to see the ball bounce about 10-20 feet in front of us, and then off to my left. I think it caught everyone by surprise because no one moved once it landed. Thankfully, instincts kicked in and I jogged over to pick it up, beating the nice man with scraggly mullet and handlebar mustache.

The Owlz lost the playoff game we went into in the top of the 9th inning, but traveled to Mizzoula and destroyed the Osprey (whatever those are) in the two games up in Montana to take the championship.

On another baseball note...between Dave and myself, we have 20 tickets for Games 1, 2, and 3 for the ALDS that will be against the Red Sox. We're not going to be using all of those, so any interested applicants can begin to submit inquiries.

Just in case you wanted to see Luis in action...

Does watching that give you the chills too? Love it. Can't wait for playoff baseball.


kent said...

how did you get so many tickets? i am of course interested. how much are they?

Caitlin said...

osprey = also birds.

Silvs said...

Ahhh. Thanks to our resident ornithologist for clarifying what osprey are (is? is that singular or plural).

Kent...tickets are $25-30 depending which game you want. I think we have only 4 for Game 1, and then 8 for games 2 and 3. Game 3 for home, which would actually be Game 5. Are you not an Angels Insider? That's how we got the notice to purchase early, and we kind of went a little overboard.