Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Do you ever take a shower to clear your head? I think cooking and cleaning are also good for that kind of thing. Anything where it's easy to just be task oriented and focused on completion makes for a good head-cobweb clearing activity.

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? My mission trainer suggested that to me and I thought it was a dumb idea, but then I tried it and it's just a little bit wonderful.

It's a sad day in Mudville.

There is a girl in my ward and she is doing a creative writing program and I secretly envy what she's doing. There are about a thousand things that I want to do/learn. I may or may not have even gotten a drum practice pad, book, and metronome. I get dumb ideas sometimes. I also found a cool website with free drum lessons, and it looks like it's really thorough. They have video tutorials, and you can download sheet music. It's quite amazing. I have learned a simple drum rhythm, how to hold my drumsticks, and that drumming requires a lot of counting.

I had a friend practice the freshly dead zombie makeup on me the other night. I'm kind of excited about it.

Want some pumpkin carving inspiration? Visit this gallery that the Chicago Tribune put together.

Last night we had FHE at my stake president's house. First, I just loved seeing the interaction that he and his wife have, just such an amazing amount of love and closeness between the two of them that was palpable. He shared with us a thought that his youngest son's mission president told him during his exit interview. The mission president asked his son what he had learned, and the missionary responded by saying that church activity is dependent upon all the "little" things like scripture study, prayer, church attendance and service, etc. Then his mission president responded, saying that those weren't "little" things, they're the big ones. Ever since I heard about my friend deciding to move away from church activity, there is a heightened fervor to my scripture study. I keep wondering if that could ever be me. I sure hope not.

This is all totally random. Sometimes to clear my head I start writing. True story.

I love how in this clip JD's initial reaction is disappointed rather than excited. Great delivery.

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