Friday, October 2, 2009

Thesis Day

Today is one of those dreaded days when I just work on my thesis all day long, so hopefully I'll be focused enough on that to not bother putting together a real blogpost. But don't worry! I have a clip for you. I'm surprised at how many of these clips I haven't seen. Enjoy!

For the Mormons, this weekend is an important one - General Conference. I'll probably post about conference after it's wrapped up, but here's a quote from President Kimball as he was concluding a conference back in 1975:
Well, now, brothers and sisters, this is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to all who are listening in, we have not been fooling. What we have said to you in these three days is truth, downright truth, and it has a definite bearing upon the salvation and exaltation of every soul that could listen and hear.
Enjoy your weekends everyone!

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