Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October!

Werewolves of London

About four or five years ago this song became my October anthem, ushering in both the Fall season and Halloween. I'll probably listen to this song about 100-200 times this month, and I'll end up putting together another volume of current favorite songs of mine with other Halloween favorites. I'm not sure why I started loving this song so much. It's kind of silly, it's classic rock, and I guess those are reasons enough for me.

Yesterday I went shopping and put together most of my outfit for this upcoming Halloween. I won't pretend to keep any of you in suspense: I'm going with a classic zombie costume. I think the classic costumes are the best, if you do them right. So I went to DI and got a tweed jacket, shirt, old old tie, and shoes all for $18. I watched a makeup tutorial and bought some theatrical makeup. I think I'm almost ready.

I can't even tell y'all how pumped I am for this season. This is what's on the docket this month:
  • The Odyssey Dance Company's Thriller - comes highly recommended from several good sources, and combines a couple of my favorite things: dance and all things All Hallow's Eve.
  • Frightmares at Lagoon - I'm pretty sure it won't be as good as Knott's Scary Farm, but it'll have to do.
  • An assortment of haunted houses and corn mazes
  • Strung Out on the 30th - I went to a show they played the night before Halloween a few years ago and that was easily a top 3 favorite show of theirs. They came out in costumes and everything. Loved it.
  • The Long Beach Marathon
  • Playoff baseball - Go Angels!
  • And I'll probably watch a dozen scared-filled movies during this month of October. I'll have tests to grade for the stats class I TA for, so that will be a good 8-10 hours of movies.
  • And last, but certainly not least, learning the Thriller dance. I finally found someone as into learning the dance as I am, and we've been going through this tutorial that we found. So in honor of the late and great MJ himself, Thriller!

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Caitlin said...

Werwolves of London has always pleased me too. Any song that can incorporate a howl into it is a winner in my book. Aaaaoooooooo!