Wednesday, October 21, 2009

H8 The Mormons: A New Documentary

I'm sure you all will love this. I love quotes taken out of context. Those comments made by President Monson or Elder Ballard could be talking about church organization helping out flood victims just as easily as it could be talking about our political efforts. And those people making the especially inflammatory comments are not church representatives, and probably aren't even members of the church.

Let's get something straight - religious entities have every right to endorse ballot measures that they see having a moral bearing. Do you not get the logic to that? And do you all understand what a massive difference it is to support a law or ballot measure as opposed to supporting a candidate? The point of separation of church and state doesn't have to do with religion exerting too much influence on laws going into effect as much as it does on the people upholding and enacting those laws, the politicians. It's completely different. A religion has every right to voice its opinion about moral issues, but it's a different matter when churches endorse candidates because of the potential influence that they can have in the actions of those candidates. Make sense? And besides, the idea of church and state is completely befuddled now as compared to what it once was.

This boils my blood. In the words of Cypress Hill, "here is something you can't understand..."

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Dave said...

The people of California voted.