Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's A Good Life

Is there anyone else who used to be a huge fan of the Twilight Zone? I LOVED it as a kid. They scared the crap out of me, but I just ate them up. My favorite was when Thanksgiving or 4th of July would come and a certain television station would broadcast Twilight Zone marathons all day long. I would sit and watch for just about all of it. That's no exaggeration. I just loved those shows. That's where I first came into contact with this story, It's A Good Life, by Jerome Bixby.

Yesterday while avoiding school work (like always) I came across a post by one of my political guys who mentioned re-reading it recently. I looked for it online to see if I could just happen upon it and not have to go out and buy another book just for one little short story (you'd be surprised how many times I've done that). I did end up finding it, and you can read it too by clicking here.

It's not gory or horrific, but just creepy as hell in that classic Twilight Zone kind of way. You can watch a poor quality episode by going here. I think it's also featured on Twilight Zone the movie. If you have twenty minutes to spare, read the story. It's only about 15 pages long. Here's the last line from the story, which will make a whole lot more sense after you read it.
Next day it snowed, and killed off half the crops--but it was a good day.
Bonus: While looking for the episode, I came across this video of scary scenes from other movies. I had no idea what I was watching in the first one, but it almost stopped my heart. I think I'm just the right kind of mood. Anyway, watch this, if you dare:

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