Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Odyssey Presents Thriller

Last week I was lucky enough to catch the performance of Thriller by the Odyssey Dance Company. I heard about this last year but never got to go, and another friend of mine insisted that I would love it because I am such a big fan of dance in general and of Halloween, so match made in heaven, right?


I loved it. As you arrive at the theater, there are probably about two dozen dancers decked out in their zombie attire wandering around the premises, outside the venue, in the lobby, and all around the inside. I went with a friend of mine, and after getting up to go to the bathroom and leaving me to fend for myself, one of the zombie girls actually crawled over the rows through the empty seats to get right in my face and stare at me. The girl was incredibly flexible so it kind of added to her creepy movement, but more than that, I didn't know what to do as she stared at me from about an inch away, so I just laughed. I loved it though.

My favorite pieces from the evening were Dem Bones, Mr. Roboto, and Frankenstein and his bride. A few of the numbers dragged on a little bit longer than I would have liked, but overall, it was incredibly entertaining. The dancers are very talented, there is a lot of humor injected into the sequences, and some of them really are downright creepy.

That dance company apparently boasts several contestants from previous seasons of So You Think You Can Dance including Brandon from last season, Matt Dorame, and Thane. If you saw the last two, you'd probably recognize them.

I think my favorite part of the evening came even before we got to the show. My friend and I had left in a rush to get up to Salt Lake in time, but we also wanted to get something to eat. Nearby we spotted a Red Robin, so we stopped and got some food. Neither of us knew exactly where the theater was, so we asked the couple sitting next to us in case they might have known. They also happened to be going to the same performance. After giving us directions, the girl leans over to me and alerts me that it's a really fun show, and while it is all dancing, it's fun enough that even I would enjoy it. I mumbled something affirming my masculinity and the fact that I clearly had to be dragged to this thing, and thanked her for the directions.

Or maybe going to this was my idea in the first place, but whatever.

For more information, visit this site here.


Karen said...

That looks so awesome. I love the girl at Red Robin. Hilarious. Is this a touring show????

Silvs said...

Traveling within the state of Utah, yes.