Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long Beach Pics

About ten feet from the finish line.
And look at how happy I am to finish the marathon. I'm so ecstatic! Doesn't this image make you want to start training right now?

I was able to eek out a smile for this pic, however.

Just happy that the cramping has subsided. Yes, that is a cupcake in my hand. I had a bagel, banana, cupcake, 2 protein drinks, and a bottle of water immediately after the race.

Love this little guy. Thanks, Mase, for dragging your deadbeat dad out of bed to come out and support.

I'm 3 days removed from the race and I'm blown away at how good I'm already feeling. After finishing the race I already began plotting my next marathon. I had said previously New York, but I know a guy who is putting together a team to run St. George and I think I'm about ready to commit. I can't believe the difference I'm already feeling between this year and last year. Last year I didn't feel normal for about three weeks. If I had time today, I would have totally went running and I'm sure I would have felt fine. I think that is in part due to the full body massage that I got yesterday from a friend of mine who just finished up a massage therapy program. Can you believe that I actually don't feel any soreness whatsoever right now? I'm so unbelievably grateful for a healthy body. And not even just that, but that I ran the marathon and not only didn't suffer any injuries, but that I have no joint soreness at all. So many people run these things and they have to ice their knees or ankles, or they have back or hip problems. I have nothing. I haven't even thought about icing anything. I took a few ibuprofen after finishing the marathon, but didn't even bother taking another dose that day. You better believe I'm counting my many blessings that I have a body that will sustain my running habit. Anyway, thanks for humoring me.

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