Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I was going to review the resolutions I made last year and then go through a checklist of what things I accomplished and what things I didn't, but I decided against that because I didn't really keep track of most of them after a few months. I had a resolution to run 1000 miles, be better about budgeting, studying scriptures and temple attendance, to have my thesis defended, and a few others. Turns out I only ran about 700 miles, which I think is actually pretty good still. If I didn't hurt my knee in October/November, I think I would have logged at least 100 more miles than I did. I'm actually pretty good with my budgeting lately. Scripture study and temple attendance are not as consistent as I'd like them to be. Still working on my thesis. Well, anyway, on my drive back to Utah from home, I started making a list of things I'd like to accomplish this upcoming year. This is what (hopefully) I have to look forward to:
  • Straight A's - I've never ever done this. Ever. I have three pretty rigorous classes, but I think I should be able to get it together this semester.
  • Have my thesis completed by August.
  • Run two marathons.
  • Have two research projects aimed towards publication.
  • Be teaching undergraduate courses by the summer.
  • Start work doing the church internship in August.
I guess there should be some other ones on there too, something a little more abstract and esoteric. I also want to start swimming, read lots of books, and some spiritual things too. I need a carefully laid out plan. For those things that I was most specific and detailed with, I was also able to make the most progress. I'm not sure which direction the causal arrow goes for that, however, if I was successful because I was so detailed, or I was detailing so much because I was having success.

I'm really enjoying my life right now. A friend of mine was teasing me the other day about still being a student, but I have to admit that I actually really love my life. I don't have a set schedule except for a few classes. I have Fridays off. Sometimes I go to bed late and it's really not a big deal because I don't have to be alert for a whole day's worth of work. More importantly than all of that, however, is that I really enjoy learning. I love my classes right now, and I feel like everyone I interact with at BYU is just so darn impressive. We talk about interesting things, and I feel like I'm growing in so many great and valuable ways. And I'm good at school. I've been really lucky to be able to grasp things pretty quickly and my mental agility allows for me to explore lots of different avenues. Sometimes my dispersed energy leaves me a little unfocused, but I think it's mostly to my benefit. Hopefully.

I think last year ended up being a pretty good year. Another thing about my life as a student, I don't want to spend the next two and a half years before I finish my program waiting to be done to move on to the next thing. 2 1/2 years is a long time to wait to be satisfied with my life, and even when that time period is up, there's no guarantee I'll have any greater opportunities at being happier then than I am now, know what I mean? I want to enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the product, and I think I have a lot of good opportunities to do so.

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