Monday, January 11, 2010

Impromptus, I Guess

I'm about to go to bed right now. I have lots of blog posts brewing, but for whatever reason I just haven't gotten around to writing them. Maybe some of you have noticed, but I haven't even been spending as much time online lately. It's kind of funny/dumb, but before I would sometimes jump online just to be distracted, just to start conversations and chat and waste time, but I haven't been as apt to do that lately. I don't know why, but I just haven't. I'm not even reading as much political stuff as I used to. It's a phase. I'll be back.

That personality test that I posted last week is interesting. It's obviously not perfect, but of all the personality tests that are out there, it's the most validated one. Yes, more than any other. Many companies even use it for personnel selection. I've been thinking about the extroversion component lately, just because that has come up in conversation a few times. I used to consider myself pretty highly introverted, and to a certain extent I really can be. I really don't mind alone time all that much, and sometimes I even really seek after it, but I think what's more telling is context. I think I've mentioned that on here before. For example, parties or ward prayer type scenarios where there are lots of people who don't know each other that are just intermingling, I oftentimes withdraw. That's not my scene at all, and that's when I'm feeling the most introverted. But this last weekend, we went up to a cabin and there was a lot of game playing, sledding, and just all around being active, and if the events from Friday-Saturday was the only snapshot you had of me, then you would think I'm a highly extroverted person. Games, activities, sports, really bring out my personality more than anything, and I even kind of get to a point where I can't stay quiet. I can find stimulation on my own, but I definitely do draw my energy from other people given the right setting. I was even realizing tonight that about five nights a week I'm hanging out with different people doing different things. I really don't often spend an evening alone.

Soccer is the most beautiful sport. It really is. You can do a lot of awesome things in other sports, and there are some really incredible feats, but in soccer you have so many players that have to cover so much ground so quickly that all 11 people really have to be working as a cohesive unit. It's kind of like a collective consciousness. I had an indoor game on Saturday night, and I passed the ball to a guy in the midfield out of the back, continued on my run, that guy passed the ball up to another guy, I still was sprinting the length of the field, and all of a sudden I saw an opening where the goalie was moving on our guy with the ball, and I had outrun my defender, I called for the ball, he slotted it perfectly passed the keeper and my guy, and I scored on the open net. Sometimes you just have these plays unfold and they're really breathtaking. It's so awesome. Football, basketball, and hockey have those elements too, but I think since I'm so partial to soccer, that's where my heart really lies.

Attraction is a funny thing. You know what always gets me interested? There is a certain style of communication that always just really lights me up, and I can't even tell you what it is that I love about it, but I always know it the second I come across it. Months ago I went to a birthday dinner and this one girl I had never met before sat on the opposite end of the table, and we probably said about 20 words to each other, but in my 1-2 minutes of interaction I could already tell I how much I was attracted to her. Yes, she was pretty and all that, but what really drew me to her was the way we were able to talk. This past weekend, there was a girl at the cabin and I've known her for a good amount of time, but what really opened my eyes to her over the weekend was just how much she was excited about trying new things. Maybe that's not attractive to everyone, but it was cool to see just how interested she was in doing everything. I loved that about her. Then tonight at FHE, this other girl that moved in not too long ago, there was just something about the way she asked me a question that kind of woke me up to her. Anyway, attraction is a funny thing. It's fun to meet people and learn about them and their nuances, those things that are like the unique siren songs that just suck you right in.

Any day now I'll be posting about resolutions, my deep thoughts, and other things. But not now. I'm going to bed.

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