Thursday, January 14, 2010

School, School, School

You know what's funny to me? Stress. It has a way of really sharpening your senses. The other day I was starting to stress a little about my thesis and figuring how I was going to turn my topic into a workable project, and while I was sitting in class with the professor that I'm supposed to meet with immediately after class to tell him about what ideas I had come up with over the break (Me+thinking over the Christmas break=just me still, because thinking over the break amounted to ZERO), I came up with what seems like will be a pretty awesome project. It's pretty simple, but I think it has a great twist on the way I want to look at the topic of same-sex sexual harassment. I'm actually really proud of my idea, so much so that I don't think I've come up with anything better since I've been in this Round 2 of grad school, but I can't share it until I carry it out. If you want to ask me privately, that's cool.

You know what else is funny? MBA students. The classes with them are so different. All of the students seem very extroverted, everyone dresses professionally, and everyone has their laptops out. You know what else? We clap at the end of every class. I had never even heard of that before, but of course I joined in while everyone started doing it.

When I'm standing on my own two feet, I feel pretty proud of myself and who I am, but when I'm in my classes with all of these other grad students, I feel like just another face in the crowd. It's hard to tell how tall a sequoia is when it's standing in a forest full of other sequoias, you know what I mean? And not to say that I'm overly impressive, but I feel pretty content with who I am overall, that is, until I get around these other people and I feel like I have do something special to shine, because everyone likes shining, right?

Today I was in my personality class and we were talking about a lot of really abstract ideas, and then I started to piece together therapies, and laughed at myself thinking that I would start analyzing people in that way. But then I realized that I was in a grad school class with one of the country's most prominent psychologists with other clinical and counseling students, and this information and these approaches to therapy actually are seminal to their professional careers as therapists. I just am in the class because I thought it was interesting and like the professor. Maybe I'll try and explain some of what we were talking about in class on here later because it has a lot of gospel application as well.

I have the utmost respect for all of my professors this semester. They are all so knowledgeable and personable, and I love it. I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite semester ever.

Peace, and be blessed, y'all!

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