Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So Sue Me

I like this stupid show. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was having a housewarming party up in Midway and I met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in a little while. I don't remember how the movie came up, but she started talking about Steel Magnolias and I was like, yeah, that movie is a little too feminine for me. Surprised by my response, she then said, "yeah, but you're Chris," meaning that my tastes are broader than other guys (hopefully that's what she meant). It really made me laugh though to hear that. Dang it! I am Chris. I'm not always sure what that means.

Anyway, so another season of SYTYCD ended, and I think maybe it was just too much too soon. Most people I know who love the show weren't as excited about this season as they were about others, myself included. However, there were some really amazing moments during the season.

I have to say, Jakob for me was head and shoulders above the rest. I thought he was just amazing in everything that he danced. I figured he wouldn't win, and wasn't disappointed that Russell got the title. That reaction of his, tearing off the shirt, was kind of priceless. There is something just so primal about that response, you know? Like it mentions in the Bible when David heard that Saul and Jonathan died that he rent his clothes in anguish. Soccer players take off their shirts when they score goals. It's something just kind of animal and raw, like a very primitive form of expression. I think it's cool.

Anyway (again), I think this dance particular dance was my favorite. It kind of stopped my heart when I saw it the first time. Jakob is awesome, and Kathryn is just so beautiful in it. It's choreographed by the two male contemporary dancers. I think they've done one other routine, and it too, was kind of amazing. The way Kathryn walks up to Jakob at the end of the number, pulling her hair with her hand on the opposite side of her head is just so incredibly sexy. And the Michael Buble song is just perfect for the piece.

So, without further ado, Jakob and Kathryn.

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