Friday, January 22, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out?

This is an Impromptu's piece...
  • You know what amazes me? Prayer. I don't know if your prayers resemble anything like my own, but there are certain stable things that I'll pray for all the time, and I have to admit, in a somewhat half-hearted manner only because it seems like such a far off thing. Like you might pray for world peace, but it's hard to imagine that happening any time soon, right? There are those kinds of abstract, intangible things that you pray for, like say, help me be a better person, and it seems vague and kind of lame to pray for, but that you do honestly hope comes to pass. What's really cool is that when you've been praying for something like that over the course of at least months, and maybe even years, and then you finally start seeing it becoming a reality. I feel like I've been praying for one of those types of things, and I'm actually starting to see those prayers bear fruits and it blows my mind that God is actually mindful of what can seem to be like such a menial request. Ask and ye shall receive...
  • I started writing a journal again, but like really writing. I know the blog might seem very personal, but there's actually a lot that I don't cover here. I didn't do the thing I normally do where I write one day for the first time in months, try and catch up on everything that's been happening since the last time I wrote, wherein I apologized and agonized for not having written in so long, and vow never to do so again, only to have it happen again the very next time. Instead I just wrote about that day, and I've been doing that all this week, and I'm amazed at how much it helps me to be more self-aware. It's incredibly beneficial. I shouldn't be so surprised, but I totally am. Know something funny about me? Without any prompting or anything, the times when I was a most faithful journal writer (besides the mission) was when I was like 12-16. And I didn't grow up in the church setting where people were always encouraging that sort of thing either. I was a weird, introspective little kid.
  • I am loving, loving, loving my personality class. It is about to spawn a really long and thoughtful post.
  • I had my Itunes on shuffle earlier this morning, and this song came on and I started laughing out loud. How in the world did this song become so popular? I was on my mission when it released, and my favorite memory attached to this song was in a district meeting, and Hermana Gee talking about something funny that happened in the week. She was on a bus with a native sister where the song was playing (that's common in Latin America), and the girl asked Hermana Gee to translate the song. She hadn't been paying attention until that moment, and she started translating, "quien solto los perros, quien, quien...wait...what the???" I loved Hermana Gee. She was so down to earth and just awesome. So, for your pleasure...The Baja Men!

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