Friday, February 19, 2010

Customer of Size

Surely you saw earlier this week that director Kevin Smith was kicked off, or whatever it was, on a flight because he was too fat to sit in one seat. I didn't realize until reading elsewhere that the phrase for this predicament is 'customer of size.'

Jay Nordlinger mentioned the story this morning in today's Impromptus column. In it, he mentions web surfing the term, and links to this story by the same name - Customer of Size by Mary Jones. If you have 10 or so minutes to kill, please read the story. It's from an online short story magazine.

The story itself is really good, poignant, and worth your time. I promise you'll enjoy it. It's a great example of great writing done simply. So many people have the tendency to complicate their writing, but wordsmithing is really just about putting the pieces together in a simple way that creates a beautiful mosaic of words and phrases.

I'm about to bid you adieu, but wanted to leave you with this little ditty by The Dirty Heads. I've seen these guys open up for other bands a couple of times, and they are total dirtbags, but I kind of dig their music. This latest song comes from their new album that just released this week, and features Rome of Sublime fame.

So a fond adieu to you. Have a great weekend, dearhearts.


Moomby said...

oh wow. i did not expect that article by mary jones to end that way. it provides lots to think about.

Kira Cook said...

hahah about dirty heads. One of my best friends from high school is dating one of the band members!