Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Memories WIth You

I was thinking last week that it would be kind of fun for you guys to hear about my first memories with you. I'm going to cover only the people who I know (or at least think) read this blog.
  • We met up on the Select A team for North Irvine when we were 13 years old. Then we had TA at Sierra Vista and we traded David Letterman's Top 10 lists for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark during SSR. The first time we actually hung out as friends was during registration for 8th grade, and you guys invited me over to Drew's house where we shot at the dog next door with a BB gun, and Drew kept spitting on himself by the pool, and I played Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx on their piano. The rest is history.
  • The earliest memory I have of you was actually with Greg and we were in the parking lot behind our building, right over by Northwoods, and we were talking about kinds of greetings and hugs. I tried the 'Sacramento Slide' on you. I think you had a blue and white striped shirt on. Bottom was also in attendance.
  • My memories with you are really vague. I remember one time running into you during freshman year outside of the HBLL library over by the Twilight Zone, near where they used to have the south entrance to the library. The next thing I can remember is going to California with you, and I had gotten new clothes and you complimented me on them. My favorite memories are of you and Brenna yelling down at us in the DT parking lot from your 7th story room, and also the 2-3 months of weekends going clubbing every weekend.
  • I don't know how often you two come around, but the first thing I remember about both of you is Dave coming back up to the room and talking about how he met some cool guys in the laundry in the basement, or in the elevator. Then there was FHE in DT field, and the constant quoting of Billy Madison. That stupid movie is responsible for so much of my greatest friendships these last 10 years.
  • I met you at Aaron's house towards the end of August. You had on a brown t-shirt and jeans, and I think your old car was a brilliant blue color. I think that was the only time I ever saw it. We went to the White Sox game with one of his partners, and we sat in the right field upper deck. Mark Buerhle pitched a perfect game through 8 2/3 innings, and everyone around us wanted someone on the Angels to break it up. The Angels were losing badly as it was, and I was in favor of seeing history of getting a stupid hit. Adam Kennedy got a hit and ruined the bid. I don't think we talked really at all, but I loved your baby blues. I think I might have started talking about something I learned at institute in the parking lot on the way back to the car. Random.
  • I had been sitting on your resume for weeks, but I just didn't feel like getting around to calling on it. I had no reason. I just wasn't following up on yours. Then Michelle told me that she was looking for someone in your area, that you had gone to Provo, and then went on a vacation for about a year and a half. Figuring out that you were a member, I finally called because I was interested in finding out whether you were cute or not. True story. We were having a property meeting down in San Juan Capistrano, everyone was going to be there that needed to have a say in rehiring you, and so we had you come out for that. You had grey slacks and a blue shirt. I loved that you wore glasses, and I thought how much you laughed was really cute. Then I had a direct hand in helping you get your next two jobs. I think you owe me about $25k. Seriously.
  • I first met you at Wendy Sorenson's birthday party over the summer when we were home from school. You had a white shirt with grey shorts. Then I remember a New Year's party at Tyler's. I don't ever really remember talking to you. You were dating Tyler and I was dating Becca, and I thought you were too pretty to get to know too well.
  • You left comments on a mutual friend's blog. I thought you were funny, so I followed your link to your blog, thought you were adorable, commented on some old post of yours, and our friendship was born. We actually met almost 2 years ago exactly at Lucille's in Long Beach before you went out to Hawaii.
  • I met all of you my very first Sunday in this ward. I sat in the back right side of the sacrament meeting room, and I saw the back of the head of who I thought was a friend of mine from when I was 16 years old and played for the Irvine Strikers. It was Eric and he promptly directed me to everyone that he thought I should be friends with. As it turns out, he's actually pretty good at matching people up, considering that he paired up his friend Ben with his wife, and now I'm good friends with all of you. You all seemed really nice, but it took about four months for all of us to actually start hanging out and being friends. It started at the meet, greet, and eat with the Stake Presidency right before Christmas. Then I went to Joe Vera's with several of you. We went to a volleyball game. We played American Idol and Singstar together. I went bowling with you and became friends with you right before you moved back home.
  • I met you very briefly when you visited our branch in Irvine. It was sometime in September. My friend Debbie said you were really cute and that I should ask you out. I told her that I would wait and see if you came back the next week. I loved your eyes, mostly that they were so big. The next time I saw you was at Aaron's birthday dinner. You showed up just a little late, had on a FIDM sweatshirt and wore a denim skirt. We read scriptures with his family and then said a prayer with them too.
  • My earliest memory of you was when you guys had wall-to-wall pillows at your house. I also remember playing soccer against your team and you scored a few goals on us. You were a big player who could run with speed and could shoot from the outside. We couldn't match up with you, and it really bugged me.
  • Not sure if you come around here anymore, but we met while walking to a house up passed the temple where our ward was going to watch the BYU v. TCU game, and J Dawgs was catering it. You were a blonde back then with bangs. You had on a blue long sleeve shirt, and you didn't seem very interested in talking to me. The next interaction we had was months later at one of Nicki's functions. I was sitting off to the side kind of quiet when you started launching questions at me from afar. It made me laugh.
  • I'm not sure when you started reading this, but my first memory with you was me coming by and you had made orange rolls. Or something orangey. I think I mostly only remember you baking all of the time.
  • You started coming around her about a year ago. I have no idea what brought you here, but somehow you live in my hometown, and I followed you back to your blog. I thought you were so funny.
  • I met you at an FHE. You had on an orange t-shirt and jeans. I thought you were cute, but you seemed super sleepy. Part of the activity that night was a group karaoke number and I sang Whoomp There It Is acappella. Yes, I know it well enough that I can sing the whole thing without prompting. You'd be surprised how many rap songs I can do that to.
  • I know we met before this, but the first memory I have with you is at linger longer after church, and you were playing either AC/DC or Metallica on the piano, and I thought that was so funny. You guys were going to Magic Mountain the following weekend, and you invited me, but I couldn't make it for whatever reason.
Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out. I guess what we can tell from all of this is that I become friends with you based on either, A) your cuteness (and then I even remember what you were wearing the first time I saw you), or B) how funny you are, or C) we played sports together.

Who would have guessed that I have a somewhat regular following? Thanks for playing, everyone!


Caitlin said...

Such a cool post! I'm very impressed that you were able to remember what people were even wearing. Seriously.

And, I'm pretty sure my first solid memory about you (other than random sightings in the ward/at church) was when you fools dressed up like hoodlums and woke me from a nap to invite me to a "Ghetto Dance Party" that I unfortunately did not attend. And you guys have been annoying me ever since . . .

Shelli said...


Laura said...

i dont remember meeting at the hbll. i think my first memory was hanging out on the basketball courts talking about wanting to plan a road trip to california. some of my favorite freshman memories were tee peeing your car in the snow and having lunch in the museum of art. other favorite memories were hanging out in ca after dave left on his mission

Jennifer said...

we are so lucky to have met you and to be able to call you friend.

Douglas said...

boooo, I read this thing! hahahaha. I think I solved my posting problem!

Kira Cook said...

That was a fun post and very nice oh by the way. It just proves your popularity.

Silvs said...

Laura, I didn't actually meet you there. You, me, and Dave were just talking over there. I can't even really remember about what. Now, come to think of it, I do remember gathering at the tables around the creamery-not-creamery place over by DT talking about going to California. I still can't believe we hung out as much as we did in California considering that drive through LA. I remember Knotts with you, Medieval Times. Driving up to San Luis Obispo with you is probably one of my favorite memories I have with you.

Doug...dammit. Sorry. My first memory of you involves you making cinnamon toast, tearing off moldy parts of the bread, and advising me that more butter means more cinnamon sugar. Also, you drove me home and I said turn right anticipating the street moving around, and you motioned to turn right when there was no right turn and it freaked me out and I laughed.

Mike, just in case you still come first memories with you are all of you wanting to tag along to everything. You were such the little brother, and it was annoying at the time, but I kind of love you for it now.

Dave said...

Laura--I kind of don't know how to feel about the fact that your "favorite memories" are when I had already left on my mission. Whatever Laura. Whatever.

Silvs--my first memories of you are staring at you from 6 inches away in the pitch black room. You could hear me breathing--I know you could. Don't go to sleep Silva... you better not go to sleep.

MIKEREID said...

hahaha...oh dave