Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Hits

I'm not sure why I haven't felt like writing anything. Honestly, I think my journal efforts are tying up a lot of my writing thoughts. I'm writing 600-1000 words a night. That's kind of a lot, right? It surprises me sometimes how verbal I am.
  • Did you all catch the State of the Union last week? Besides all of the usual stuff, one thing that was really interesting was Justice Alito's reaction to the President's comments. Jim Geraghty at NRO made this observation:
    Perhaps it would have been more politic if Justice Alito had managed to remain stone-faced during Obama’s demagoguery, but I find it encouraging and refreshing that, notwithstanding his years in D.C., he retains the capacity to be jarred by lies. (It’s also impressive that Alito was still paying attention; Justice Ginsburg evidently fell asleep during the drone-a-thon.)

    And here is the video of his reaction:

    I just love seeing that reaction. And can you believe how old Justice Ginsberg looks? I think she's over 90, or close to it at least, and definitely looking her age. Geez. Two of the best things that Bush did while in office was nominate Alito and Roberts to the SCOTUS. Really.
  • I don't know if I've made this comparison before on here, but I know I've thought about it a lot. Dating is so much like job hunting. The way I was thinking of tonight was just about how that initial interaction matters so much and is pretty much the resume that you're submitting. It makes all the difference in getting you an interview/first date. There has to be something appealing enough that someone thinks you're worth taking a more in depth look at - are you attractive enough? smart enough? nice? funny? spiritual? do you have anything in common? etc.
  • I always always always hate asking for the first date. I can find every reason to talk myself out of it, but I'll always get around to it eventually. Lately when I find myself up against this problem, I always end up relying on the thought that the girl is just not going to say no. Especially LDS girls, will give just about any guy a chance unless there you give them an explicit reason not to. Plus, I feel confident enough that my resume can at least get me that first interview. It's just the follow ups that I'm not so sure about.
  • I think everything in my life will be easier and more doable if I just get myself on a schedule. My haphazard way of going through my days just isn't allowing me to be productive enough. Routine is the enemy sometimes, but other times it allows you to figure out how to keep all of the balls in the air.
Goodnight, folks!

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