Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Los Olympicos, etc.

I was watching Sportscenter the other night and they were showing Top 10 Olympic moments, and the one that always comes at the top of that kind of list is Derek Reynolds running the 400m in Barcelona, tearing his hamstring, and then getting up to finish the race while his father comes from the stands to help him make it to the end. I was watching the Top 10 tearing up thinking about how awesome the Olympics are.

If you ever saw it, you would remember it forever. I was 12 at the time and I remember everything about it.

Of course his dad would be the one wearing the t-shirt that says "have you hugged your..." whatever it says at the end.

Truth be told, I don't have nearly the same love for the winter Olympics that I do the summer ones, but there are still some great things to watch.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about the Olympics, and she was talking about how much she loves to watch figure skating, and I said that I wasn't a huge fan. Then we had a Chris moment where she was like, "really? you?" Then I laughed, and was kind of surprised too because I love dance and so many other similar things, but I just can't really watch figure skating. I can recognize the gracefulness, the athleticism, but there's just something about it that I just don't enjoy. Costumes, maybe? That it's so obviously kind of fruity? I don't know, just something.

I think my favorite so far was catching some of the US men's hockey destroying the Swiss yesterday, and then the boarder cross on Sunday. Fun stuff.

On another sports note, I am dying to go see a baseball game. Seriously, dying. Pitchers and catcher report next week, finally. I probably won't make it out to spring training, but the thought is always tempting and I'm enormously jealous of you, Laura.

You know what(Kent)? I actually am feeling okay about us this year. We have an awesome young infield - Wood, Aybar, Kendrick, Morales, with Napoli/Mathis catching. Our outfield is definitely aging, but I think Reagins will give us a boost sometime during the season. And I think our pitching will hold up. We're going to have 1 or 2 guys have breakout seasons. I'm feeling optimistic about us.

Well, back to work.


Laura said...

why aren't you going to spring training? we already have our game tickets and rented a house. can't wait!!

kent said...

Our infield is decent. Hey, remember that one time we lost our ace and didn't find him a replacement? We also didn't pick up Cliff Lee, the amazing Phillies pitcher who actually went to the Mariners - who are in our division. We also didn't re-sign the guy that won the Boston playoff series for us - Vlad, because he was old or something and we replaced him with a guy just as old and not as productive?

It's a scrappy team and I'm sure we will claw our way to some wins and maybe even win our division and make the playoffs. But so what? We have done that 7 years in a row. We have no pitching and can't compete with the Red Sox or Yankees. Even if you do feel good about this team, you can't argue with the fact that we didn't really improve this offseason and are destined for another early playoff exit.

Silvs said...

Laura - there are a couple of trips that I'm already planning on for the month of March, so it'll be hard to put in a third trip as it stands.

Kent - you are the most negative person when it comes to the Angels. I almost don't like having these blog conversations with you about them. Almost.

I think Lackey will do well with the Red Sox, but he wanted more money than we could offer, and he has some injury concerns. When he started with us, it was a few years before he became the #1 guy that he is now. I think both Jered Weaver and Joe Saunders are on the cusp of entering into that part of their careers.

Vladdy blew it with the Angels when he wanted a bigger contract than anyone was willing to give him. Notice how long it took for him to get signed.

And the fact just never know what's going to happen. A year ago would you have ever thought we would have come as close to the World Series as we did? In spring training of 2002, would anyone have guessed that we would win the World Series? That's the awesome thing about sports - you just never know how things are going to play out.

The script is not written. You never know who is going to have a breakout season, what trades will occur, and what potential there is in a good (mostly) young team.

Chin up. You've been very spoiled the last several years. Just enjoy the season and don't get down about the team before anything has even happened.