Monday, February 1, 2010

How Does That Happen?

This whole last month since I've been back in Utah my calendar has been just full of stuff. Here is this week:
  • Monday - FHE and then over to a friend's house to watch 24 and Heroes.
  • Tuesday - Two Groundhog's Day parties. Two? Really?
  • Wednesday - Bowling night. And institute if I feel like it, which I can already tell you is probably a 'no.'
  • Thursday - dinner and dessert with people in my business class at our professor's house.
  • Friday - open
  • Saturday - sledding and hot tubbing up at Soldier Hollow and at a friend's place in Midway.
And that's about what every week has been like every week. I have only Friday open, and I'm hoping that I'll make some plans for that night with a phone call later today. I'll tell you what, asking out a girl for the first time is always the worst.

I keep coming back on Mondays thinking that I don't have that much going on, and then I'll try and make plans with someone and I'll realize that I have no time, unless we're talking middle of the day when I'm supposed to be productive. Daytime hours I'm always available. That's because I'm an idiot.

How am I so busy? I don't know how this happens, but it keeps going this way. Weird.

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