Thursday, July 1, 2010

California Here I Come!

I'm off again to visit my wonderful homeland of the golden coast. This makes for 4 out of the last 5 weekends that I will have been out of town. I am too much of a partier. Not really, but it sure has been feeling that way lately. Just about every minute is packed with fun, so this should be a good trip, as always, but more importantly, this weekend marks the birth of the most wonderful nation on God's green Earth. I can't wait to see my CA people. See y'all in a few!

This video is super weird, but the song is so catchy. I kind of love it. I've been very poppy lately when it comes to my music tastes. Anyway, have a great weekend, dear ones, and enjoy the 4th. It's the greatest holiday of the year this side of Christmas.


Karen said...

Wow. That really is a weird video.

alisa said...

how long you in town?

Douglas said...

it wasn't hot enough to melt your popsicle but it was great to see you dude.