Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miracles Follow Those Who Believe

Today in Sunday school we got to talkin' about miracles. We were discussing the story in 2 Kings 6 about Elisha and his servant seeing the chariots of fire surrounding them, and such a large part of having miracles in our lives is just having our eyes opened to them in the first place. Ultimately, the miracle of the Atonement and of forgiveness and redemption is the greatest miracle we can ever experience, and one that we can experience daily if we can get our sensitivities to that level of awareness.

A couple of weeks ago the sports awards show, The Espys, were on ESPN, and each year they give out a courage award. This year's recipients were the Thomas family. If you're ready to cry and hear more about this story, then watch this video:

The most amazing part of that whole story, to me, is just that family's natural inclination toward forgiveness and healing. That man's whole life ended up being the preparation that they needed to cope with his tragic death. Beautiful, beautiful story. And I also love that the Atonement is very much alive and present in the lives of other faithful people. I love seeing the effect that faith can have, especially with all of denigration of religion that secular society attempts to perpetrate.

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Dave said...

**wiping away tears**

I am just in awe of how amazing people can be under intense adversity. These people live their Christianity. It is truly inspiring.