Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Stand All Amazed

I am always amazed by how things work out. A year ago at this time I wondered a lot about the career opportunities that would be available to me. The same internship that I just got earlier this week became available this time last year, and I knew that I wasn't yet ready for the experience. My dating life at that time was also in disarray. And being at home, attending the singles branch down in Tustin, going to the activities with the people around that area, I just never felt like I had a place. The thing is, I wouldn't even characterize this time last year as being a down period for me, but I know that I wasn't really content either.

It's just amazing to me what time and the natural movement of life can bring about in such a short period, good or bad. One morning a couple of summers ago I had a very rude awakening with some family stuff that was going on. The events of one day cast a long shadow over the next several months, and it's something that we're still all feeling at times.

I thought about Dave, and how many conversations we had about how awful the bar was, and then about how much it sucked and how draining it was to not have the kind of job he had envisioned upon finishing law school and passing the bar. And now he's gainfully employed, and couldn't be more satisfied with how things have turned out.

I am so immensely grateful for those times when God has seen me through those rough patches, for the availability of wonderful friends and family that have strengthened my feeble knees and lifted up my hands as they have hung down low. And I'm so grateful for a time in my life when I honestly feel like I couldn't ask for anything more, when my prayers are filled with so much more thanks than with requests. I know it won't last forever, but I'm just so grateful for it while it's here.

It is wonderful, wonderful to me.

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eL said...

Thanks for this post Chris. I needed it. :)