Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life After The World Cup

I don't know what it will include. I just realized a little while ago that I've just been killing time all morning, waiting for the Germany v. Spain game to start at 12:30. This is the second of the semi-final games, with the final being on Sunday. Yesterday's game was a fun one, ending up 3-2 in favor of the Netherlands. The first goal was one of the most amazing goals I've ever seen. It came out of nowhere, it didn't look like the Dutch were even in a position to attack, and you see players shoot from outside all of the time, but the moment that the ball left his foot it just felt completely different. I started laughing out loud to myself and watched the replay about a dozen times. For me, it was the best goal of the tournament (except for maybe David Villa's first goal for Spain).

The Germans just look too dominant right now. Spain is a good team, but they have not looked at all impressive like the Germans have in every game that they have played so far. They are missing one of their best players for today's match, but Klose is one of the best finishers ever, and will probably finish this World Cup as the most prolific goal scorer in World Cup history.

Anyway, I guess after today I'll have my mornings back, but it's hard to imagine that I ever lived any differently before this past month. It's a similar feeling to when the Olympics are over. It's been a good one. On to the final!

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