Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bit O' Everything

I had kind of a great weekend. Friday night I went to Velour, a local little live music venue where they were having a Cowboys and Indie music festival over the weekend. Imagine Dragons was the headliner on Friday, and I caught those guys before seeing Kelly Clarkson back in June. They actually won the Utah's Got Talent competition. They're an indie band from Las Vegas, did the Provo scene, and are now trying to strike it big. They're a pop-rock type band. The lead singer is very entertaining, and their music is really fun to dance to. Here's a taste:

Then Saturday morning my roommate took another friend and myself out flying. We were in a little 4-passenger plane, and flew over whatever these mountains here are called, over Hobble Creek, near Mount Timponogas, and just around the general vicinity. My roommate hardly ever mentions it to anybody, but I think it's the coolest thing to be able to do. He has a pilot's license and has access to a plane. Isn't that awesome? He let me take the controls for a bit. It was a ton of fun.

I've said this before, but don't you love those people in your life that you think, "wow, I would have just died tonight if so and so weren't around." I feel so lucky to think that I have so many of those kinds of people to count on.

This might come as a huge surprise, but I really place high value on time to think and reflect, but especially so when I'm engaged in some sort of physical task. I love running and not listening to music for that reason - just the me time and time to think. But in addition to that, I think there is something highly therapeutic about just getting on your knees and cleaning. Speaking of missionaries knocking on doors, President Faust used to say, "I know it's not the most effective method for finding people, but knocking on doors is good for the soul." I think getting grimy and dirty is good for the soul in a similar sense.

It's funny to me how representative people can be of their own gender. I was cleaning the kitchen (I guess I've been doing a lot of that lately) the other night, and my roommate suggested soaking the metal gratings from our stove top because they were dirty. I asked him if we had any all-purpose cleaner left, and he had no idea that sort of thing existed. Then I was making brownies, and another roommate saw me using shortening and flour to grease the pan and he had no clue what I was doing. Then I borrowed a vacuum from some girls down the street, and the one girl commented on how it doesn't really suck up very much, but that we could use it anyway. I turn it on this morning, and not only is the vacuum screaming loud, but the bag is beyond full. I don't feel like I'm particularly enlightened, but these incidents the last few days have kind of made me feel that way.

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Karen said...

Haha. Those are funny incidents. Love it.