Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgivings!

Thanksgiving day run - check. It was pretty cold, but it really wasn't that bad. I hurt something in my knee a few weeks ago so I've been, for the most part, staying away from running so I couldn't get too competitive this morning, but I still finished the four miles in under 30 minutes. It was nice to have Dave and Mike come out and run, and I kind of love the t-shirt, which I'll be sporting all day.

So what's left for the day? Overindulgence, mainly. A nap. Mason time. Maybe go watch The Blind Side tonight. I've got a full plate, so to speak.

And what am I grateful for...the people in my life. That's always at the top of my list. For a loving Father in Heaven. For a healthy physical body that allows me to do most anything I want. For music. For the opportunities I have. For this website that we all spent about several hours on last night taking quizzes together. And for this one that has helped me to enhance my glide, which I've been getting pretty decent with.

Happy Thanksgiving, dearhearts! Enjoy!

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