Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Nice Little Weekend

I didn't realize until too late, but the top 5 finishers for each division for the Earn Your Turkey run on Thanksgiving day get either a turkey, pie, or ribbon. I finished 6th in my division. Dang. I was less than a minute behind the 5th place guy too, but the problem I've been having this last month is my lateral meniscus, diagnosed by Dave, so I have been running a lot less. Still though, I wish I would have known that I could have won a turkey, and I might have been feeling a little more competitive and run a little harder.

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day, though. We got up in the morning to go bunny hunting. We had several twelve-gauge shotguns, a twenty-gauge, a .357, and an assault rifle to boot. Unfortunately, we went to an area that seemed to have a little too much human foot traffic so we didn't see many bunnies, probably about 4-5 between the 5 of us in about 3 hours of walking around. Sadly, for one bunny, we did catch sight of him and blew him to pieces. I thought I would feel a little bad when we finally killed one because I'm also the guy who actually feels bad when he unwittingly steps on snails, but I forgot that I'm also the same kid who used to go out hunting birds with his bb gun as a kid. The formula we had yesterday was pretty wonderful - guy time with my friends who I think are hilarious and guns. What's not to like, right? My favorite line of the day came when Dave was driving his dad's S-class Mercedes on the dirt road and he says, "my worst fear is driving over some rock and blowing out a tire...scratch that, my worst fear is this car fills up with bees and you're trying to kill them using a chainsaw." I thought that was the funniest thing in the world.

I also went to my first ever Holy War game yesterday at home against the U. I'm surprised how easy it was to come by tickets. After we got ours, I knew at least four other people who were giving theirs up. It must have been the fact that it was Thanksgiving weekend that made it so easy. In any case, the game was pretty interesting. I forget until I watch sports with other people, but I have a very low tolerance for stupid comments about the game and this happens with an incredible frequency at BYU games. I couldn't believe the tension that could be felt from the other fans when BYU found themselves down by six points in the first quarter. And then everyone is ready to turn on their team at the drop of a hat. It's kind of unreal. I hate hate hate comments about refs stealing a game, or that the other team is paying them off, or whatever other inane comments people come up with. And then there are the people who think that every rushing play should be for a first down, every passing play should be for a touchdown, or that every defensive play should turn into a turnover or a tackle for a loss. Seriously? It's not the end of the world if we have to punt, and if we're only down by six points, it's still only a one possession game.

In any case, the game was fun. It ended up being closer than it probably needed to be, but they won in exciting fashion. I almost preferred them to win in overtime because it would have felt a little hollow if they won because Utah missed a field goal or something like that. As soon as both those Utah guys missed the tackle, everyone in the stadium realized the game was over and the place just blew up. It was pretty great. People started rushing the field, and wondering if I'd ever have another chance to do it myself, I decided to go down also. It was kind of funny, though, because once you got there then it was like, well now what? So I went to the middle of the field, slapped some of the football players on the back, was in the crowd that was floating Andrew George, the guy who caught the game winning touchdown, then I wandered off. I thought maybe I should look around for other people I know because I knew there were about a dozen or so other friends of mine at the game, but eventually I just took off.

There's been a lot of Mason time, lots of eating out, and lots of Rock Band. And I got Beatles Rock Band just for this weekend. Who knew that so many of those songs would be in my range? My favorite to sing is the Sgt. Pepper's/With A Little Help from my friends medley.

That was pretty much my weekend. I love these people. Truly, I'm so blessed.

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Karen said...

Please can you call it rabbit hunting? Bunnies are just too cute. Rabbits don't hold the same cuteness.

A part of my died when you said you blew a bunny to pieces. So sad. That was somebunny's mother. Har, har.