Monday, November 2, 2009

Strung Out In Layton

I caught Strung Out up in Layton on Friday and they were awesome. What's cool about coming out of their shows is always hearing these types of comments - are they not the best band you've ever seen live? Jason Cruz is a god, etc. Their fans just love them. They have a new album, and admittedly, I didn't think it was their best effort at first, but it's such a different thing hearing songs played live. Certain songs were just never meant to be played only on a CD, they just have to be heard in person with the bass thumping and smoke in the air, and people moving to the music. They have been doing more harmonies lately and they actually sound really good doing it live as well, which is kind of cool. Jason's voice is strained in that video, but it's still pretty decent. I've never seen him play the guitar before. They also played that one at the show, and of course, it was awesome.

I ended up going by myself, which for a lot of people is crazy, but I was thinking about it earlier in the week when I was deciding if I would actually go or not. There are certain things that I won't be able to do forever, and there are certain things that I would drop anything for just to experience for myself. I would always try to make it to any major life events for any of my friends or family if I can help it. I would never turn down an opportunity to see an Angels playoff game. And I would always take any and every opportunity to hear and see Strung Out play Matchbook at the end of a show.

The bulk of their songs came off the Twisted By Design album, with several songs off the newest one, and select songs from all of the other ones.

If I were to ever get a tatoo, it would be the astrolux symbol that is their insignia. I know it's juvenile, but I just love them.


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If I lived in Utah, and my fiance were in Jerusalem, I would have gone to this show. If I didn't... I would be an idiot.