Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nothing (Police) Beats This Column

Nov 11: A custodian reported an unidentified male depositing possibly hazardous material in a drain. Samples of the material were taken and the material was determined to be safe.

Nov 13: At 5:30 p.m. a woman was walking up Maeser Hill to the testing center when a Latino male walked up behind her, asked her the time, then grabbed her buttocks. The suspect then ran westbound on the path and the female began chasing him. The suspect then stopped., turned around, and yelled obscenities at the victim. The female reported the incident to the police two and a half hours later, after she took the test.
Please, Provo citizens, get in before dark and make sure to lock your doors behind you because you never know what could happen.


Laura said...

ahhhh, police beat. oh how i have missed you. would have loved to have known what the "possibly hazardous material" was. was he just draining the fat from ground beef? glad i moved away from that crime ridden city.

Caitlin said...

ha ha ha! If these were the only ills of the world.