Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This event in itself was pretty amazing. The show was more entertaining as a whole than I would have otherwise anticipated, and it was nice to see all of the favorites from the summer being performed live again. Every major dance piece that I wanted to see was done that night.

The best solos came from the two dancers not in the top 10, Phillip and Caitlyn. I think Brandon, Ade and Jeanette were the best performers by far. Every movement by Brandon and Ade had so much pop and so much extension. Even though they had already been to so many other cities, everything they did looked like it was for the first time on stage. Randi, of course, got a huge ovation from the crowd being that she's from Orem. Phillip had the loudest applause of the night after his solo, which also was probably a full minute longer than all of the other dancers. Below is a somewhat decent video from the same night:

The most entertaining part of the evening was supplied by the two teenage girls sitting to my left during the show. Not only did they scream so loudly and constantly that their voices were hoarse before the intermission, but they knew most of the dances being performed and did their own renditions of them from their seats. Their favorite, by far, was Jason. I swear, if there were some way to tap into hyper-teenage-girl-energy, we would have an endless supply of renewable energy that could provide for the needs of our country. I just loved how rigid with excitement they became at just about everything that happened that night. That alone made up for the price of admission.

Now onto my favorites...I had kind of forgotten about this number by Ade and Janette:

I've posted these last two before, but they're both my favorites so you get another taste:

Some other favorites included the addiction dance with Kapono and Kayla, disco with Brandon and Janette, and the contemporary number with Jason and Jeanine where they make-out at the end. It was a lot of fun, and I have no problem admitting that I loved every minute of it.

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