Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving Along

This song is one of my favorites to sing to on Singstar.

This is turning into kind of a strange week. I've been busy, but not a lot with actual things that I'm supposed to be doing. I got comfortable after I realized last week that I'm doing really well in my classes, so this week I've been a little slow to keep up with business as usual. But between today and tomorrow, all my classes have been canceled, so I have a bunch of extra time available that I'm not sure how to spend. No, of course not homework. I'm an achiever, not an overachiever.

There are certain aspects of dating that I just loathe - feeling obligated to go to social functions because you need to meet people, always feeling like you're being measured, all that stuff. But there are other aspects that are really fun - getting phone numbers, connecting with new people, that sorta thing.

Looking back on my dating history, I have always seemed to be attracted to pretty smart girls, albeit with an exception here and there, and not to say the exceptions were at all dumb. And for the record, any of those girls who may be reading this are among the smart ones. Not just saying that. It is, in fact, true. More importantly, although none of the girls I've ever been interested have been goodie-goodies at all, they've all been very solid in their testimonies of the church.

I guess what's funny to me is thinking about different moments where I've been especially attracted to certain girls, and they're not typical things like how hot she looks in a certain outfit or whatever (not that I still don't appreciate those things), but things like hearing a girl talk about the role of journalism in modern society, or another discussing marketing strategies for a friend's new restaurant, or another weighing the cost-benefit possibilities of a small business, or another about fashion design and the artistry involved, or another discussing the application of 4th amendment rights. I laugh thinking that I want to sidle up closest when I hear a person in her element, strutting her stuff. Although it's not to say that I'm an expert at all in any of these different things that I mentioned, but I think it's to my benefit that I find a variety of things interesting enough that I am able to be at least a little informed on a number of different areas and, thus, appreciate the different strengths that these girls have to offer. I dunno. Just thinking aloud, I guess.

What's kinda funny to me also is my train of thought when I'm with someone that I want to make a good impression on: be funny/witty, but not so much so that it looks like you're trying too hard; be smart/insightful enough that you come off as having something valuable to offer, but not so much so that you come off as being smug; be nice and kind enough that you show people that you know how to treat people right, but not so much so that it seems like you are willing to be someone's doormat. Then, with all of these preconditions in mind, I'm trying to nail down that impression in about five minutes or less. It can be exhausting at times.

One other thing on attraction - I was watching a tennis tournament over the summer and they showed Andy Roddick's wife in the stands who, of course, is gorgeous. When I saw her I could recognize her obvious outward beauty, but having no knowledge of who she is as a person I didn't feel like she was at all very attractive to me. It struck me as odd that I couldn't just be the male ape and issue my mating cry just because she exhibits the physical traits that I'd like my offspring to have. I guess I need more now.

On the other hand, I've dated and known other girls who I know are pretty and some really good-looking, but I can openly recognize that not everyone would find them as attractive as I do. With some of these girls, I can honestly admit that at the height of my affection for them, I genuinely thought that the girl was the most beautiful person that had ever set two feet on the ground. I've definitely had my moments when I have been reduced to a jaw-dropping, gawking, stuttering, blithering mass of goo that has melted at the sight of my loved one, although I may not always be so obvious about it. You know, the kind of moment when it's slightly overcast, light moisture falls, and her saunter to me is choreographed to Etta James' At Last playing in the background as she approaches in a slow motion stroll, the wind teasing at both her hair and my heart as I my knees buckle at the sight of her. My very own Helen of Troy, all because of the fact that my intimate knowledge of her person and character has provided her access to steal my affections.

With my extra time this week I guess I've just been a little more reflective on my dating experiences. I'm just sayin'.


cropstar said...

methinks you are a good person.

incidentally... move along is one of my singstar favs as well.

kent said...

forget dating (easy for a married man to say). this is what you should focus on:

good? bad?

i think i'm happy with it. i may need to mull it over a little more. he's old and last year was his 'prove to the world i still got it' year. so i hope there isn't a sharp decline this year, but im optimistic and i think he will be productive again. he seems to like the organization and he really helped players with their plate discipline. i also like the 2 year deal, i wouldn't have done anything more than 2 years. i think this one will work out.

now come the bigger ones though: lackey, chone and vlad. gotta keep chone. i hate to see vlad go, but it might happen. he is a decent DH though.

Silvs said...

Kent - I love that you're turning my blog into a discussion board for talking about the Angels. I know it might be a little distracting, but what if the fastbreak futbol blog got expanded into an all sports blog? Just a thought.

I love the signing. I love Tony because this is an indication that they have a clear direction on how they want to move forward, and that they will take the steps to secure the guys they want before the free agency period actually begins. Abreu wasn't going to get a lengthy contract anywhere, and he's been a productive hitter for just about the last decade, and his strength is based on plate discipline, so he won't decline the way Vladdy has. I saw that his deal was for $19 million, which is a good amount, but I think worth it. If you look at his stats, the guy has been very consistent so I don't really anticipate a major dropoff.

Lackey will for sure test the market, and Figgins probably will too. Not sure what they'll do with Vladdy, but if we can secure him for little money and given the right role, he could be a smart decision. I'm guessing that we keep Vlad and Figgins, but lose Lackey. That kind of hurts to say out loud. We'll see.

kent said...

that's what i was thinking as well. i hate to lose lackey but for some reason i feel like a team will offer him a decent amount of money and that he will leave. i would love it if he was an angel for life, but you just never know with players how much commitment they have with a team. im sure lackey is committed to the angels, but few players have a tim wakefield like commitment to their team. i just wonder who we will get to replace him. as it is we need pitching, so losing him will make our situation even worse. we need halladay or peavy.

i dont know that we could expand fastbreak to all sports. maybe we should look into it though. i needed a soccer forum so thats why i started it. i have your blog as my angels forum so i dont really need another.

sorry to crash the post btw. i was going to put my comments in your latest angels post except that i wasnt sure if you would ever see it.